The SpringWalker

Photo by Brian Smale

The SpringWalker™ body amplifier is the first of a new breed of vehicles--it's got legs. Isn't it strange, with the wonderful running and leaping capabilities of all kinds of animals, that there are still no machines to get you from here to there on legs? Why not?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Our bodies are so well designed that it has taken 200 years of human engineering to catch up. Even with advanced materials and power sources, our technology has not been capable of building a simple running vehicle until now. The revolutionary capability of our human powered model is proof-in-principle for the SpringWalker concept. It demonstrates for the first time an energy recovery system with the control and flexibility required to enhance the human running gait.

We are presently developing a servo power system to advance SpringWalker technology to the next level. The personal vehicle for the 21st century will have you trotting four-minute miles without tiring and scrambling up a mountain like an ATV. Look for this and more as our work progresses. When can I get one? Electric powered demonstration units will be available on a custom basis once the servo technology is validated, and a spring-powered kit may also be offered.

You may already have seen our prototype in action on television. If you haven't, check out our video demonstration.