Drawings from our U.S. patent.
Side views show one SpringWalker leg in extension
and the other in compression.

Patent Figure 1 Patent Figure 2

How it Works

Of course there are many engineering details that combine to enable an actual running machine. However, the heart of the SpringWalker™ technology, described in U.S. patent 5,016,869, combines two ideas for the first time: Leg force is increased and body weight distributed by means of a leveraged exoskeleton; a single spring is coupled to both legs. This prevents foot-dragging and enables a natural gait for the user.

A computer-designed linkage combines these elements to give the first true running gaits in a spring powered body amplifier. It also provides an ideal match to the capabilities of electric servo-motors. Watch this site in the coming months for news of progress in the servo-powered development.

For more info, you may download the following PDF files: