The SpringWalker

Photo by Brian Smale,
Discover Magazine, 1992

SpringWalker™ Build Your Own Exoskeleton

At the present time, there exists only the original prototype as shown in photos and videos on this website. It certainly makes sense that, with a complexity somewhere between a bicycle and a home-built aircraft, enthusiasts might want to build their own versions of the SpringWalker™. The spring-powered version makes possible the amazing performance that you may have seen in our demonstrations on science shows on PBS, the Discovery Channel, and CSPAN, and in articles in Scientific American, Discover, and elsewhere.

An accurate but rudimentary CadKey CAD drawing for the prototype was prepared some years ago for us by the folks at Nordic Track, and it is available for download. A good (free) viewer for the CadKey file is Spectrum Lite, an application that allows the user to pan, spin, and zoom the SpringWalker™ image. Here is a PDF image of one of the views available.